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Russ Stevenson

General Manager

Russ has worked in the construction industry as a glazer, electrician and in general construction. While working with construction companies in the fire restoration area, I have been a floor sweeper a salesperson and a general manager. With my back ground and experience, I feel comfortable helping people with the help they need after a traumatic fire loss, getting their home repaired back to their satisfaction.

Don Trylovich

Regional Sales Manager

Don has been in the construction management industry for over 20 years ranging from commercial project management to regional sales manager. Don experienced a fire in 2011 which lead him to the restoration industry and he can relate to homeowners going through the same tragedy. He looks forward to assisting fire victims with his personal knowledge from his own fire story.

Jim Radke

Regional Sales Manager

Has been in the construction field all his life. Jim started with helping build structures for the farm where he was raised. He then went on to work in the construction industry and was awarded a Master Craftsman’s certification from a national manufacturer of siding products. He has completed a number of building association courses that deal with lead abatement, fire codes, and other programs to help homeowners through any issues that need to be addressed in the construction, siding, and window industry when remodeling your home.

George Livingstone

Regional Sales Manager

George has been involved with helping hundreds of families through their tragedy with the fire losses of their homes in the Northern California area. He is a great part of our team!

Nick Terlouw

Regional Sales Manager

Nick has 35 years of experience combined with sales in the construction industry. His priority is the welfare of the families during their tragedy, he makes sure they are safe first and foremost. He focuses on building a strong relationship with the homeowners that will last long past the reconstruction of their home. He’s always the first one there and the last to leave.

Walt Farl

Sales Associate

Walt has been in sales for over 45 years, joining the fire restoration community in February 2015, prior to that, he was a regional sales manager in the construction lending department. He is one of the newest members on are team and we are very proud to have him!

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