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We understand that the loss of a home or workplace can be a profoundly unsettling and disruptive experience.

We strive to bring damaged property back to its original condition, as quickly and economically as possible, while keeping you productive, comfortable and well-informed.


Golden Coast provides professional services to restore buildings and their contents after fire, storm and other structural damage.

Our team has decades of experience, so you can rest easy. We’ve provided comprehensive services to satisfy homeowners, property managers, small businesses, large corporations, municipalities, insurers and mortgage companies.

Quick response to minimize damage

Our recovery staff and construction crews are located nearby, all around the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Sacramento Region.

Handling it from start to finish

It’s all included! From hauling away debris to removing mold, cleaning smoke from air ducts, getting permits and inspections, and more.

On schedule and on budget

Our employees take pride in producing timely, accurate project scopes, timelines and estimates to avoid surprises later.


Please be cautious when talking to Preferred Providers that your insurance company sends to visit you. Don’t be rushed into making a quick decision. Preferred provider companies must work to minimize the amount that your insurance company pays you.

In contrast, we’re independent. We’re your advocate, helping you navigate a system you may not be familiar with. We’ll help you get all the coverage you’re due from your insurance company, while working with them professionally on your behalf and satisfying their requirements, for a win-win for everybody.


We don’t cut corners. Other construction companies often just use the insurance company’s estimate when they’re providing you with a quote.

In contrast, we take the necessary time to gather all needed details to provide an accurate estimate, and we have our own estimators. Our general manager will meet your insurance company’s claims adjuster at your property and walk the entire loss with them, and stay in touch with them as the construction progresses.


We’ll return your home or office back to normal quickly and without hassles. You’ll appreciate Golden Coast’s high quality work and our friendly, experienced team.


Golden Coast takes care of all the reconstruction steps for you after a disaster, so that you can rest easy while your home is restored:

  • 1. Protection

    If weather protection is needed right away, we safeguard your property from the elements and further damage, such as boarding up or securing the site.

  • 2. Contents recovery

    Salvage professionals will pack out the contents of your damaged building; inventory and track everything; remove smoke odor and water from items and clean them, and store your items until your new building is ready.

  • 3. Assessment

    We inspect your property and document all important details. We go over our findings with you, including structural damage, required vs. optional repairs, demolition, structural cleaning, and the pros and cons of different reconstruction approaches.

  • 4. Clarity

    We interview you in person to create a “mental picture” of the area to be restored.

  • 5. Options

    We consult with you to understand whether you want things restored just as they were, or you want some changes made without adding to the total cost, or you want to add other construction or remodeling while we’re at it.

  • 6. Estimate

    We use a computerized line-item estimating system that pinpoints every detail of the project. It serves as a road map and makes it easy to understand the scope of work.

  • 7. Expectations

    We go over the project plan and expected timeline with you and answer all your questions until you’re comfortable with everything.

  • 7. Restoration

    We do the work! We remain in close communication with you throughout the process.

  • 9. Re-assessment

    We walk through your new home with you, going over all the work to confirm everything is satisfactory.

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