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When a disaster strikes, it affects more than just the structure of your home. The contents of your home are exposed to fire, smoke and soot damage as well. Many items may seem they are too damaged to restore, but you’d be surprised how our team of salvage experts at Golden Coast can restore some of your contents with a simple cleaning process. We will pack out all your items, store them, clean them, repack & deliver them when your home is ready for move in.


When smoke & fire damage occurs to your belongings, we will work hard to restore as much of your possessions as we can to pre-loss conditions. Unfortunately, there are some cases when the smoke and fire damage is so severe that your property cannot be restored. Sometimes, it is much more expensive to repair/restore something than it is to replace it. We will be in contact with you and your insurance company to explain these types of situations and make sure your items will be paid for and replaced.



    We will coordinate with your insurance claims representative to approve pack out of your personal possessions.


    Our team will arrive within 48 hrs to pack all your personal property and transport it to our warehouse. We will separate the items that are restorable and non-restorable.


    We will restore, clean, and deodorize all your items with a special ozone gas treatment to remove all the smoke smell.


    Once all your items have gone through the cleaning and deodorizing process. We will repack all your belongings into clean storage boxes and store it in our facility until your home is rebuilt.


    We will provide weekly communication regarding the process of your contents restoration, until the process is complete. Then we will arrange delivery for your belongings once you are ready for them.

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